I have lost my SMILE :-(

di Daniela Domenici

I have lost my SMILE

or better

someone has stolen it…

Where is it now?

Has someone found it?

My SMILE is easily recognizable:

true, spontaneous, warm, open, joyous…

Can someone look for it, please?

It was part of me…

I loved it…

I miss it so much…

I wonder where it is now…

I hope it’s not suffering too much because it’s warmless and joyless…

My poor SMILE…LOST…who knows where…

maybe forever…

“The island”

by Bergman, Bergman, Lins and Martins

Make believe we’ve landed on a desert island
Bathe me in the waters, warm me in the moonlight
Taste me with your kisses, find my secret places
Touch me till I tremble, free my wings for flying
And catch me while I’m falling

Keep your arms around me
Like there’s no tomorrow
Let me know you love me

On our little island, not a soul can see us
Show me how to love you, teach me how to please you
Lay your dreams beside me, only stars will listen
To our cries and whispers, you were made to love me
And I was made to love you

Keep your arms around me
And loose yourself inside me
Make it last forever.